Bespoke Bid Management Systems

I can create a bespoke Bid Management System for your commercial team.

I worked with my client for six months to create a tailored Bid Management System that ensured efficient management of all types of civil engineering bids from bid decision through to contract award and mobilisation.

With aspirations to become a Main Contractor, they had a new and rapidly expanding bid team, keen to win work and increase turnover for the company.

I completed a comprehensive gap analysis, reviewing bidding, people management, operations and one losing bid. Over the course of six months, I developed a bespoke Bid Management System (BMS), with initial drafts tailored to current practices and future aspirations. I provided teams with training, coaching and mentoring across all processes, before using the BMS to submit a live bid.

This BMS provides a coherent set of procedures and supporting forms to enable control of bidding practices and efficiently win work. It is a management system and knowledge base consisting of over 20 processes, 35 supporting forms, and several reference documents.

My client has seen clear improvements and benefits since the implementation of the BMS, including:

  • Win rate improvement - before the BMS, success rate was 1 in 5 – it is now 1 in 4.3
  • Increased number of tenders submitted through more efficient process - £159m (2016) to £185m in 2017
  • Job satisfaction increased through clear set of roles and responsibilities
  • Winning bid submitted for multi-million-pound Highways England Framework

“The BMS has made communicating with my team, sharing information and gathering data so much easier and quicker. I can spend more time supporting each team member and going out to see clients - it has had a great knock on effect” (Bid Manager)

“We now have annual Personal Development Reviews for all staff, outlining duties, targets and role requirements. This didn’t happen before the implementation of the BMS” (Bid Coordinator).

“Before the structured BMS was introduced, our bidding often used an unfocussed approach to the opportunities available to MJC. The BMS has ensured we focus on using the correct resources in a smarter fashion, particularly with the introduction of the bid/ no bid process. It has encouraged us to interrogate final bids at the right level prior to submission. Working with Pippa has given us a strategic way forward to develop a structured mechanism across the company for future Bid Management.” (Managing Director)

Please call me if you want to chat about your current processes - we might be able to work together to do things better!

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